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Whether you have a small business that has accumulated more debt than you can service, or you have mounting credit card debt, unpaid medical bills, harassing creditor phone calls, the stress of insolvency can be a significant burden. When faced with overwhelming debt, it is important to remember that you do have options and you do have rights. Bankruptcy is not a last resort — it is the most effective way to protect your business and family against debt.


Most people have not planned for their care during the final stage of life. Acute care, rehabilitative care, home care, rarely covers the full scope of services needed at life’s end. We take a realistic and expertly informed view towards planning for long-term care. We take the time to analyze issues, understand implications, and ensure that each client’s unique legal needs are protected throughout the process.

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Reorganize Your Small Business

If your business is struggling, Congress has just given you new tools to reorganize your business. Shed unwanted contracts, reshape operations, and, if you have less than $7,500,000 in debt, shed unsecured debt by making your net distributable income available to creditors over a 3 to 5 year period under the Small Business Reorganization Act. If you have more than $7.5 million in debt, Chapter 11 provides the most flexibility and power under the law to reorganize and pay your debt under terms that make sense.