Our attorneys know well that every client faces unique challenges and concerns when it comes to filing bankruptcy. One may want to protect personal property, avoid foreclosure, or simply stop repossession or collections. We take an individualized approach and will quickly identify your concerns so that we can develop a tailored resolution that meets your unique needs.

Areas of Focus

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy — We will help you determine the best course of action given your income, assets and other debt circumstances.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy — We help individuals and couples, small business, and privately-held businesses understand their debt relief options through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Special Situations

Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy — Complex issues may arise for the elderly with significant debt. We work with individuals and families to develop a comprehensive solution to help the elderly plan for the future and restore financial security.

Divorce and Bankruptcy — When considering bankruptcy or divorce, or if you are already moving forward with one or the other, you want to know your individual rights. Our legal team can help you protect your individual assets and remove debt before divorce. Give yourself a personal and financial fresh start.

Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy – In addition to our standard bankruptcy practice, we are also familiar with complex issues that arise for individual clients. If you are an artist, patent holder, business owner or other individual with intellectual property, we can assist you in protecting those rights, as well as advise you of potential pitfalls in the bankruptcy process.

Business Bankruptcy – We handle everything from a small family business to a multi-location enterprise the solutions to reorganize, sell, or close a business for the best achievable financial outcome.

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