Bankruptcy is a right of every American. It is founded in the Constitution and implemented through the Bankruptcy Code. This system exists to provide the honest debtor with a fresh start and to ensure that commercial assets do not go to waste due to unfortunate business circumstances.  Attorney Wyatt is a Board Certified Specialist in both consumer and business Bankruptcy.

Areas of Focus

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy — We will help you determine the best course of action given your income, assets, debt, and other circumstances.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy — We help individuals and couples, small business, and privately-held businesses understand their debt relief options through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We have handled numerous Chapter 11 cases, Small Business Chapter 11 cases and Sub-Chapter V Small Business Cases over just under 40 years.  Because we take a collaterative approach to business restructuring, focusing on the health and profitability of the business as well as the debt structure of the business, most of our Reorganization cases result in a Confirmed Plan of Reorganization and successful exit from the Bankruptcy System.  We cannot guarantee this outcome for all, but we will devote all of our experience and expertise to helping our clients understand why they are in Bankruptcy, how they got there, what they need to do to move forward and when they should move forward with a Plan for the future.

Special Situations

Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy — Complex issues may arise for the elderly with significant debt. We work with individuals and families to develop a comprehensive solution to help families of the elderly, and the elderly, plan for their care without impairing legacy, encountering unnecessary spend down or struggling with financial insecurity.

Divorce and Bankruptcy When considering bankruptcy or divorce, or if you are already moving forward with one or the other, you want to know your individual rights. Rights and obligations in divorce can be non-dischargeable in Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy can affect rights and obligations created by a divorce decree. Our legal team can help you understand the interactions between these laws and protect your individual assets and remove debt.

Business Bankruptcy with Personal Guarantees — We handle everything from small family businesses to multi-location enterprises with solutions to reorganize, sell, or close a business for the best achievable financial outcome.  Most creditors do not grant small poorly funded business credit facilities without personal guarantees.  Understanding the best strategy to reduce personal exposure must be the first consideration when facing business insolvency.  We often handle business and personal cases that are jointly administered to achieve continued viability.  We also parse out cases to ensure that the corporate shield clients thought they were establishing can have maximum available effect to protect personal assets.

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