Chapter 7 Fees & Costs

The average individual or joint Chapter 7 case results in a $3000 fee. The average business Chapter 7 is $7500. This does not include a Court Filing Fee of $338.00.

NOTE WELL:  The Law requires all Consumer Debtors (with few exceptions) to undergo “Means Testing.”  If the Debtor(s) makes more than the median income for their community, they will then have to calculate a minimum commitment period and minimum contribution level for a Chapter 13 reorganization plan.  Unless the minimum contribution is very small or negative, the Debtor will have to file as a Chapter 13 case instead of a Chapter 7 case.  The majority of consumer bankruptcies in our immediate area are likely to be Chapter 13 filings.

Certain extraordinary proceedings not usually or consistently encountered in consumer cases may be required in your case. No additional fee will be charged unless and until the need for the fee arises, the need is discussed with the client and the client consents.

  • Costs (services provided by third parties):
    • Court Mandated Pre-filing Credit Counseling Fee = $20.00 (single or couple)
    • Court Mandated Financial Management Course Fee = $20.00 (single or couple done on-line) or by phone $25.00
    • Tax Transcripts = $19.00 individual
    • BK – Packet Service = $5.50
    • Credit Report = $45.00 (single) or $90.00 (joint)

There is no fee for an initial consultation. 

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