Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Timing FAQs

How Long Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Take?

A typical individual or husband and wife Chapter 11 case will take no less than 150 and usually no more than 700 days from start to finish. Many variables enter into this timing issue, but, the typical case is over in about one year. Milestones typically come as follows:

Initial meeting to assessment and recommended plan — 10 days

Plan meeting to filing of petition — 10 days

Filing to hearings on first day motions — 1 to 3 days

US trustee office introductory meeting — 5 to 14 days from filing

Case management meeting with the court — 14 to 21 days after filing

First meeting of creditors — 14 to 45 days after filing

Filing of plan and disclosure statement — At filing up to 180 days after filing

Plan confirmation (if confirmed) — 30 to 50 days after Plan filing

Notice of case closure — Plan dependent, usually 45 days after confirmation

Discharge — End of plan repayment period (typically 60 months, plus 30 days for motion and hearing)

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