Control Your Cash

In uncertain times insolvency lawyers have always advised people to take control of their cash flow.  Today, in the age of automatic payments, statements online, emailed notices and text messages that become background noise, IT IS CRUCIAL TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CASH FLOW.

Please do not confuse this statement with telling anyone to MISS PAYMENTS.  Each individual has to decide how to balance their present cash availability against their projected cash inflows and outflows.  It has to be a conscious decision.  That is the point of this post.

In uncertain times everyone is well advised to sit down, account for all of your monthly payments and the timing of those payments, and consciously decide what will get paid when.  If cash is a particular concern, turn off automatic payments.  Pay each installment that you decide that you should pay intentionally, long hand, on purpose.

Standing in line for 2 hours to get into a grocery store is bad enough,  getting to the register and having your atm card declined at the end of that process is not an acceptable out.

Take control of your cash flow.  Who knows, it may become a habit!

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