The Importance of Using a Professional

Hand written wills, and stationary shop, or these days, internet wills, seem to come in waives.  But, in reality, there is always some portion of the population who are lawyer adverse or don’t believe they can afford a firm’s services, so they decide they can just do it themselves.

Wills and Trusts, Federal Estate Tax, and Property law add up to about a full year of the three years of law school.  This is not simple stuff.  Moreover, all Courts with jurisdiction (the power to rule) over estates have lawyers as the Judges.  So, this is just not an environment for the untrained to play around in.

Most lawyers do simple estate documents as a sort of “loss leader.”  The rates tend to be fixed and the fees tend to be lower than fees for other sorts of services.  Many lawyers bundle fees so that Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Nomination of Guardians, and Wills all come at a package price.

When it comes to documents that have to outlive your mental capacity of your lifespan to take effect, it really is better to use a lawyer.  At least, that way, your heirs have someone to sue if its wrong!

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