Joint Applicants

For a very few families, the time comes when both parents or grand parents require nursing home care.  These are just a few of the things that families should be aware of.

  1. Most nursing facilities will NOT allow a husband and wife to room together.  This is particularly true when one of the spouse’s is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disorder or Dementia.  The reasons are many, but, basically, it is a safety risk for the none affected spouse to not be recognized by the affected spouse.
  2. Couples applying for Medicaid benefits loose the former benefit of the community spouse being able to keep a Protect Resource Allowance.  The Couple’s resource limit falls to just a few thousand dollars.
  3. Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney and other documents may need to be updated immediately to account for the fact that the spouse, formerly the spokesperson for the patient, is no longer able to effectively carry out that role.

With more and more couples living into the 80s and 90s, people of similar ages are likely to encounter a dual admission.  Proper prior planning prevents poor performance and unwanted outcomes.

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