Listen to Your Bar Buddies

One of the most frustrating things about Bankruptcy practice is that quite a few people approach their meetings with us as though they already know all about bankruptcy. Most have talked with friends who have some comment to make that leads them to question what we, as Bankruptcy Attorneys, tell them. I always find it weird that people are ready to believe the guy or gal sitting next to them at a bar over believing the guy with a law degree, law license, 30 years worth of experience and Board Certification in Bankruptcy.

To be sure, it is possible for any attorney to be wrong about anything. So, questioning what your attorney says can only help to be sure that everyone is thinking about and focusing on issues. But, ignoring the advice of your attorney in favor of some course of action recommended by a casual observer will not likely yield a good outcome.

When going through a Bankruptcy it is essential that you get answers to your questions from your attorney. If they seem busy, rushed or unsure, press them to become sure. One of their obligations, in fact, one of their reasons in being, is to explain things to you in a way that you understand them. Settle for nothing less. In the end the quality of advice that you get can strongly affect your wellbeing and is almost never an excuse for poor performance in your bankruptcy case. Having someone to sue afterwards for bad advice is better than having no one but an empty bar stool to go after, but the best solution is to be well informed, and be right.

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