New Online Services

Wyatt and Gracey PC announced today that they have opened an Internet Online Practice. Services will be provided via secure audio video link, ftp servers, and email. Entire cases will be handled, with the exception of live appearance events at court, over the Internet. Expanded hours and Internet accessibility are designed to bring the law to Texans when they cannot bring themselves to a law office.

Current service offerings include Consumer Bankruptcy cases under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and Elder Law Services. For the first time, Wyatt and Gracey, PC is offering unbundled QIT-Miller Trust documents and Durable Powers of Attorney for use in Elder Law cases only. Moreover, Wyatt and Gracey, PC is offering comprehensive Estate Preservation and Medicaid Eligibility Evaluations over the Internet.

Clients will meet with attorneys via secure links utilizing GOTO Meeting, Face time, or Skype conferencing services. Donald Wyatt, senior attorney and life time computer enthusiast remarked, “For the first time, our clients have the flexibility to address truly crushing problems on a time schedule that doesn’t take away from their daily life more than absolutely necessary.”

Wyatt and Gracey PC attorneys are licensed in Texas and provide these online services to Texas residents only. But, residents who need to access legal services while away on work, for family emergency, or deployment, can use the firm’s online practice to satisfy their legal needs from afar. Since our Elder Law clients are usually seniors in long term care in Texas, we can meet with family and responsible parties working to meet their needs without the necessity of traveling to our “brick and mortar” practice in The Woodlands, Texas.

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