Pre-Need Planning

There are few life events more stressful than when a loved one is hospitalized. When that loved one is a parent, the gravity of the situation is heightened by the realization that you likely have to step into the parental role and make tough decisions based on numerous competing factors, both practical and emotional. Oftentimes when a parent is involved, a hospital stay turns into long-term care which leads to even more issues that must be addressed, not the least of which is who will pay for the continuously-mounting expenses?

Do you understand the payment distinctions between acute care, rehab and long-term care? Will family members have to pay for any of that care? Do your parents have documents in place to ensure medical and financial affairs can be handled in their absence? Do they have a will? Many of these items may be on their “to do” list but try not to keep them there: There is no time like the present to understand the options and develop a plan.

Developing a plan before the situation arises goes a long way toward alleviating stress when the time comes.

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