Pre Paid Funerals – A gift that gives three times

Many people do not want to face the reality that some day their family will need the services of a mortuary or funeral director to help them dispose of your remains.  While they embrace the theoretical reality of eventual death, they do not think about the practical aspects of getting this work done.  The funeral industry has developed a system of insured contracts where a person can plan their own funeral, choose all the equipment, accessories, and accompaniment, and pay for the entire thing well before needed.  Taking advantage of this system has three distinct advantages.

  1. It is a gift to your family members who will be faced with making decisions about you at a time when they cannot possibly consult you.
  2. It Is a gift to your family members who may have to help support you in declining years because pre-paid irrevocable funeral arrangements are not counted against you for Nursing Home Medicaid eligibility.
  3. It is a gift to your heirs because the price of pre-paid funerals is always more advantageous than funerals bought when the need has arisen.

Thinking, talking, and acting, in concert with the reality that we all meet our demise is not morbid, it is realistic.  Making prepaid funeral arrangements is one of the only bets you can make that will pay off 100% of the time sooner of latter.

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