The Best Gift You Can Give.

For many families with a loved one in long term care the holidays are filled with complex emotions.  Guilt, loneliness, fear, anxiety, and resentment are all commonly reported feelings by both those in care and those at home.

The book Being Mortal reminds us all of one simple fact, as we age our attachment to things becomes less and less important and our attachment to people becomes even more meaningful.  This is true even if impaired memory means they don’t remember who you are.

If you want to know what to get for a relative who doesn’t remember you and doesn’t need anything, the answer is simple.  Give them a visit. Make it one without insistence, without disappointment over not being recognized, without instilling anxiety over not remembering you.  Just visit, hold hands, talk about the weather, pass the time filling yourself with the touch, sight, smell and sound of this very special person. Hopefully this will lift your spirits as well as theirs.

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