The IRS Never Calls

For the third time this Spring we have received calls from potential clients telling us that they have received a telephone call from the IRS and that they owe the IRS money and that they must give the caller their social security number to verify who they have reached.  Fortunately these people called us first before giving out information.  Unfortunately, many do not see the inherent self-contradiction in this communication.  After all, if the IRS were going to call you, they would know your social security number.  But, here is the thing, the IRS NEVER CALLS YOU.  The only way they will even talk to you is if you call them first.

The IRS is a government agency.  This means that they have a manual, called the Internal Revenue Manual, which specifies exactly how they can do what they can do.  The IRS will always send you written notices whenever they take any action adverse to you.

So, if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, ask them to send you something in writing and do not give them any information.  Simply hang up.  If it really is the IRS they will not be offended or upset, they will just push f3 (or whatever fkey does the job) and they will send you something in the mail.  Also, if it is the IRS they will already know who you are, why they are calling, what your social security number is, where your bank accounts are and what your address is.  Do not give out any information over the phone to someone who calls you claiming to be from the IRS.  Failure to follow this simple piece of advice could land you in a situation where you actually do need a bankruptcy lawyer.

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