The Real Costs of Insolvency

Whether it’s a company of hundreds of people, or a household of family members, the largest and most destructive element of insolvency is distraction.  Although a reorganization of debt, or a discharge of liabilities, can bring relief and a fresh start to an honest debtor, that is not the most profitable part of using our Bankruptcy system.

Debt is like slavery.  You never get ahead.  Debt keep us from participating fully in our economy, our community our families.  Debt never sleeps.  Often people in debt beyond their ability to pay do not sleep either.  We are taught from an early age that we must keep our word and pay our bills.  Not doing so can be a constant source of distraction and worry.  Debt can spoil the best laid plans and it can distract from doing the things that make life truly rich.

No one gets out of debt by winning the lottery.  No one gambles their way out of debt.  Most people who go Bankrupt cannot earn their way out of debt.  Holding out for these solutions to solve your problems and make your debt go away will simply not work.  Bankruptcy is a table set before you by a just and caring society.  If you are spending your time worrying about debt, you should see a Bankruptcy Attorney to find out how Bankruptcy can help. You.

This article is written by an attorney at Wyatt & Mirabella, PC. Always consult an attorney before making any legal decisions. To make an appointment today for a free consultation, please click here to contact us.

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