Things you cant do just before filing for Bankruptcy

Many people see filing for Bankruptcy as a sort of suicide. They seem to think that it is the last resort before entering some purgatory. As a result, there are many who figure they should make peace with their world before filing. Here are some thing one should not do before filing for bankruptcy:

1. Take a luxurious vacation to the islands. You may have a great time but the debt may wind up chasing you beyond bankruptcy.

2. Repay Mom and Dad for the help they gave you. Mom and Dad will likely get a demand letter from the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

3. Order a bunch of inventory for your small business so you have plenty on hand. Your vendor will likely be able to just come pick it up.

4. Pay a tax bill with a credit card. Your credit card company will have a “tax claim” in your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy is not the end of anything except your dischargeable debts. It is a tool to be utilized when it is needed, it is not an excuse to act impulsively or irresponsibly.

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