Tips for Opening Probate

Every year hundreds of Probate Attorneys make thousands of dollars solving problems in the most expensive way possible because at some time in the past people just didn’t see the need to get lawyers and courts involved when some family member passed away.  There is a general, and understandable, mistrust of anything having to do with the Law, or Lawyers and, when it seems that all you have to do is go down to the Tax Office and give them a new address, that must be enough.

But, its not enough.

The Tax office in most counties will put any mailing address you would like on a tax bill.  That does not change who OWNS the property in question, it doesn’t even change who is liable for the taxes.

Opening a Probate, in proper form, is the only way to make sure that creditor claims get satisfied or cut off and titles to properties get cleared up.  It will all make a difference to someone when the time comes to sell.

Texas Probate laws offer simple, straight forward Probate processes that Lawyers usually perform for fixed fees or reasonably hourly fees.  It turns out that it is actually important to cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

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