What are Medicare Savings Programs?

Medicare Savings programs are designed to provide limited financial help to certain persons receiving Medicare.  These are needs-based programs that, if one is qualified, will pay a portion of the person’s monthly Medicare costs.

QMB = Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program includes the payment of Medicare Part A and Part B premiums and annual deductible, and payment of co-insurance and deductible amounts for both Part A and Part B.  (Note: does not include medigap premiums).

QMB max monthly income, single                                                   $1025.00

QMB, max monthly income, couple                                                 $1374.00


SLMB =  Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiaries program pays the Part B monthly premium only.

SLMB max monthly income, single                                                 $1377.00

SLMB max monthly income, couple                                                            $1847.00


While help with a premium ranging between $104.90 – $134.00/month may not seem like much, to those living on less than $1400/month, it represents ten percent of their income and can help substantially.

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