What Bankruptcy Isn’t

From time to time I interview a potential client who comes in with the notion that Bankruptcy is a sneaky way, or a legal cheat, to get out of debt risk and consequence free.  Often, by the end of the conference, these folks have decided that either Bankruptcy is not right for them, or they need to find a lawyer who is willing to lie, cheat or steal for them.  Bankruptcy is not a way to cheat anyone!

One of the first things that all Debtors learn when they are about to file for Bankruptcy protection is that Bankruptcy requires honesty and transparency.  This comes as a difficult concept to most, because they are embarrassed to be involved with Bankruptcy at all.  For this reason, Bankruptcy Attorneys have to be diligent in getting facts from their clients so that the client can get the greatest lawful advantage from the system.

The Bankruptcy Code, and Bankruptcy Judges, really don’t care what set of misfortunes brought you to Bankruptcy.  Although you cannot use Bankruptcy to get out of fraud, theft, and malicious injuries (or a host of special obligations like some taxes) you can use Bankruptcy to get a fresh start on life and put your bad luck, bad choices, or misfortune behind you.  But, you must be a honest debtor to do so.

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