Why a Board Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Anyone with a license admitted to practice in Federal Court can practice in Bankruptcy.  That means that approximately 93,000 attorneys in Texas CAN practice in Bankruptcy. The number who regularly practice in Bankruptcy is about 9% of that total.  The number who are Board Certified is about 10% of that.

Being Board Certified doesn’t mean that a lawyer is better at that specialty than any other given lawyer can be.  It does mean that this person is serious about bankruptcy, devotes a substantial portion of their practice to it, and has done so for at least 5 years, they have gotten other lawyers and judges to recommend them for Certification and then took a grueling exam to prove that they have what it takes to be called an expert.

In the end, a Board Certified lawyer will not let you slip by or get away with something, but they will make sure that you get the relief that is rightly and justly due to you.

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