For the protection of our clients, the children, spouses and grandchildren of our clients, and our staff, we are offering all meetings with any lawyer or paralegal at the firm in any practice area by GO TO Meeting Video Conferencing.

Utilization of this technology does NOT require our client to purchase any software (unless you want to attend from a smartphone or tablet) and does not require any commitment to a software company or service provider.  Anyone with a broadband internet connection (cable modem, LTE cellular service, fiber optic service) can request that their meeting with us be held by GO TO Meeting Video Conferencing. The preferred set up is a laptop or desktop computer with camera, microphone and speakers and an internet connection.

This option allows us to share screens just like when you are here in our conference rooms so that we can review information and options together and discuss your case.  The connection is secure and private. For most it is as simple as clicking on a link we will provide to you when the meeting is set up, following some simple on screen directions, and you will be connected.

We always prefer face to face communication with our clients.  The experience is significantly more robust, and, therefore, more productive.  But, with safety in mind, we want to offer this virtual meeting space, at least until our public health concerns have passed.

To set up a GO TO MEETING Video Conference, please contact Paula at 281-419-8733 or by email at

We look forward to serving your needs throughout this period.

Thank you.

Don Wyatt

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