May Is National Elder Law Month!

The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys celebrates National Elder Law Month this month.  Elder law attorneys encourage family members to become involved in the lives of their elderly members with regard to their legal options. Typically healthcare, financial guidance and custodial needs increase as mental and/or physical faculties decrease as we age.  While well-meaning family members may be able to help in many ways for a time, sooner or later their efforts are usually stifled if the proper legal documentation had not been completed to give them the power to help in a myriad of situations.  Important legal documents such as Durable Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives are crucial in helping seniors with these matters.   Other tools include proper titling of assets, conservatorships, and trusts.  Determining the right tools requires an overview of assets, dispositive scheme, and family dynamics.

Visit an elder law attorney this month to get the guidance you need!

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